Are Newborn Photos Worth It?

Short answer? Yes. Long answer?

photograph of a mom holding a newborn

Are newborn photos worth it? Short answer? Yes. Ha.

Long answer? I get it- postpartum is SUCH a tender time. Getting photos booked can seem just like one more thing you know you should do, but don’t have the bandwidth to get it done.

But these photos are truly one of the only investments you’ll make in life that appreciate in value over time.

They’re the photos you pull out when that baby is starting kindergarten, graduating from high school, or getting married. The photos that THAT baby looks back on when they become a parent.

Professional photos are an investment that just grow and grow in value as the years go by.

First time parents have no way of imagining how fast the first year goes. Everyone tell you – the little years fly by and before we know it our little squishy babies will be driving off to start their lives on their own. And in those hazy newborn days and sleepless nights, it might seem like things will never change.

But it will. When you’re on the other side, it will feel like you just blinked.

While we can’t keep them little, but we can capture those moments to help us remember. We can savor it and celebrate it and press pause on a tiny window of it to brighten and strengthen our memories of them.

Why not just wait until they’re older? Babies look entirely different just 3 months later. For the first 2 weeks after birth, newborns look just about how they did when they were born, but after that they hit a growth spurt. Most newborns can’t even fit the newborn sized clothing that swallowed them whole by 1 month and then the opportunity is gone to capture all the little newborn details as they were.

This stage is the beginning of your story together, and whats more the beginning of a life. Its a very special thing to hold onto that beginning and celebrate it.

I hope I’ve convinced you that newborn photos are worth it. Head over here to schedule your own newborn photos.