The Five Best Spas in Minneapolis for a Prenatal Massage

Looking for a prenatal massage? Sometimes being pregnant just hurts.

pregnant woman in a maternity shoot

Looking for a Minneapolis prenatal massage? Sometimes being a pregnant woman just… hurts.  Our changing bodies come along with a whole set of new aches, often changing with each stage of  pregnancy.   Whether you’re a soon-to-be new mom or a supportive partner looking to treat your loved one, a prenatal massage session may be the perfect way to soothe your tired body, have a relaxing experience, and get a little pain relief. 

It’s important to select a provider who is certified in prenatal massage services- the specialized pillows these providers have are AMAZING- being able to lay on my stomach while I was pregnant was such a perfect way to unwind. These experience providers also understand the specific needs expecting mothers have, which are much different from first trimester to third trimester.  

Here are some of the best prenatal massage therapy providers in the Twin Cities: 

1.  Blooma:  I actually recommend Blooma as a expectant mothers’ paradise for everything, from pregnancy massage to prenatal yoga, and new mom groups once baby is here.  I got my prenatal massages here, and they were so amazing.  If you’re experiencing any low back pain 

2.  Tula Spa:  Tula is a sweet, serene space that specializes in organic treatments, like essential oils. Tula also offers fertility, and postnatal massages in a peaceful, plant-filled environment. 

3.  Four Seasons:  The Four seasons is a high end, beautiful spa that would make an amazing, relaxing, day at the spa for any new mother.  Their prenatal massage offers to reduces stress hormones and muscle pain while helping you to get better sleep.  Please note, they do say that their massage treatments can only be performed after guests are in the second trimester (13+ weeks along). 

4. Northern Aura Wellness: Northern Aura offers both prenatal and POSTNATAL massage therapy, which would be a treat for all new mothers. 

5.  Anda Spa at Hotel Ivy:  Anda is another full day spa experience at the beautiful Hotel Ivy in Minneapolis.  Their prenatal massage is centered on removing emotional stress and working on your nervous system.  

I hope you enjoy your massage!

PS: Are you expecting a baby? Reach out to book maternity and newborn photos with me!