How to Prep Your Home for an In Home Session

Minnesota In Home Family Sessions

Minnesota in home photo session

Why do an in home session? The level of comfort and connection families feel in their most familiar environment makes for amazing photos. Especially in home newborn sessions- for more on that click here!

I am participating in a blog circle this month and am sharing a link to another amazing photographer in Nashville! Make sure to check out her link at the end of this blog post.

One thing I love about in home sessions is that we can pick an every day activity- you and your family making pancakes on a Saturday morning, you guys reading stories in mom and dad’s bed- and document those real moments that are much more genuine then you guys dressed up in a pretty field. (Of course, I love me a good fancy field photo as well 🙂

Want to have me over? Here’s how to prep your home in less than 10 minutes.

Lift/open up all blinds and window coverings- we will be hanging out by the windows with the best light.

Grab a laundry basket and throw everything in it that doesn’t belong in that room. This could be shoes on the floor, your kids’ toys, a granola bar wrapper, a water bottle, a tissue box or a stack of books. If it’s not supposed to be in the room, throw it in the laundry basket. Take said laundry basket and put it in a closet or a room we won’t be using so it’s out of sight!

Next, look around the room and determine if there’s anything still there that you don’t want showing up in a photograph. Maybe that’s the breast pump on your nightstand, a cluster of cords under an end table, a clementine peel…just my kids? Ha. Whatever it is for you, remove it or hide it temporarily.

Almost done.

Next, determine if there’s anything in the room that you could do without for your photos. Remember, we want the focus to be on YOU, your family and the connections between you all. We don’t need the toaster on your kitchen counter distracting and taking away from that! This usually applies mostly to the kitchen, as things like dish soap, dish racks, towels and random kitchen appliances on kitchen counters. Taking 30 seconds to remove them and hide them can significantly improve the outcome of your photos! I can also assist with this once I get to your home.


That’s it! I don’t expect you to scrub your toilets or mop your floors. Your home is now ready for your in-home family photo session! Let’s make it happen!

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