Maternity Session Welcoming Baby #2

A bit of a personal post.

pregnant woman snuggling son

This is a bit more of a personal post.

For all the moms out there expecting their second baby, who worry there is no way they could love another child like they love their first, I remember that all too well. My entire pregnancy with my second, while I loved seeing him on ultrasounds, and feeling him move, I KNEW there was no way I would ever love him like I loved my eldest. I had all these secret thoughts that I would always love her more, but I would have to work hard my entire life not to show that or play favorites. I felt guilty thinking that, but felt like it would definitely be the truth and I would just never tell. And then of course, like everyone says, the second he came out and was laying on my chest I was just head over heels in love with him. It wasn’t like I loved my daughter any less, or my heart divided the love, it just doubled and I loved them both so entirely and immensely. So if you are afraid to have a second child out of loyalty to your first, know that the love will just grow and grow.