Twin Cities Newborn Photography

What to look for when choosing a Twin Cities Newborn Photographer.

twin cities newborn photography in minneapolis

When looking for Twin Cities newborn photography, there are a lot of questions new parents may have.   For a newborn photo shoot, there are a few things you need to consider. 

What is the style you’re looking for?

Every photographer has their own unique style so it’s important to chose someone who’s style resonates with you. I shoot newborns in an organic, natural, lifestyle way, which means I don’t put them in poses. When I had all three of my newborns it never felt right to me when my babies weren’t in my arms. I felt so attached I had to sit on my hands when other people wanted to hold them. So when I take newborn photos the majority of photos end up having babe snuggled up, right on mom and dad, just where they want to be.

Do they have a personality you vibe with?

Being a calm presence for a first-time parent is one of my top priorities.  Those early days can be fraught with so many emotions, and providing support is one of my specialities.  Not to toot my own horn, but I’ve been told one of the things that makes me one of the best Minneapolis newborn photographers is my ability to provide a new mom with a stress free experience. 

Do they offer affordable newborn photography?

I strive to keep my rates accessible for all budgets.

Do they have experience and reviews?

Experience with newborns is essential for newborn photography- should be a no brainer, right? I personally would never use a Twin Cities newborn photographer who wasn’t a parent. Having three babies myself, there is a special set of knowledge on how to soothe a baby with confidence that can’t be taught, it has to be gained through experience. And of course photographing other newborns has led to lots of glowing reviews I would be happy to share for reference.

Do they welcome the whole family?

For every newborn photo session, I welcome all family members. Older siblings are important too!  Those unscripted moments, the candid shots, are always my favorite and seeing your updated family with the new addition is so important.  All of my Minneapolis newborn photography sessions are also family sessions!  

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