When to Schedule Your Maternity Session

Everything you need to know about booking a maternity photoshoot.

As a Minneapolis maternity photographer, I’d say my most frequently asked question by pregnant moms is When Should I Schedule My Maternity Session?! 

This is such a great question because, as any expecting mama knows, pregnancy comes with its own set of physical changes and challenges. Add to that with the logistics of booking, along with the differences in weather throughout the seasons, and it can be tough to know when the best time is!

When to Book a Maternity Photographer?

Like most things in life, planning ahead is key when it comes to maternity photoshoots. My photography schedule can fill up quickly, so booking your session for the recommended time frame in advance ensures you secure your preferred date and time. Aim to schedule your maternity photoshoot at least a few weeks in advance to avoid any last-minute stress.

pregnant mother and son in minneapolis

The Best Timeframe for Maternity Photos

The timeframe that I typically recommend is: booking your session during the second trimester, between weeks 28 and 32 weeks. This is because you’ve likely overcome the early discomforts of pregnancy, and your belly is beautifully rounded, making for amazing photos.

Maternity Photos in Different Seasons

Living in Minnesota, of course the weather can play a significant role in the outcome of your maternity photoshoot.

Outdoor sessions in the spring, summer, and early fall are a gorgeous way to document your pregnancy. If you have your heart set on outdoor photos, you may want to schedule your photos outside of my recommended time frame, and we can still create amazing photos. Often we can include ultrasound phots and do a pregnancy announcement photo session if you aren’t showing during the summer months.

For the fall and winter pregnancies, studio maternity sessions are so beautiful, and give us the ability to plan a session regardless of the weather outside.

Preparing for Your Maternity Session

Your baby bump is the star of the show during your maternity photoshoot, so don’t be afraid to show it off! I personally love to include some bare belly photos in a maternity shoot. Some moms to be are nervous about exposing their belly, but all tell me afterwards that those are the photos they absolutely cherish. To prep for this, applying self tanner and keeping that belly moisturized before the shoot can help boost your confidence.

I also consider flattering pregnant moms is one of my strengths. I have a client wardrobe with robes, kimonos, and dresses to borrow, and also can help you find something to purchase from one of my suggested retailers.  

I want every mom who stands in front of my lens to feel beautiful, and can also refer you to a local hair and makeup artist before your session if you are interested in that!

When to Schedule Your Maternity Session

To sum it all up, the three factors to consider when booking your maternity session are:

  • your week of pregnancy
  • the season you’d like to be photographed in
  • booking in advance to be sure you’re with the photographer of your dreams

I would strongly encourage pregnant moms to start planning and book their sessions early to ensure a great experience.

If you’d like to read more about my maternity session offerings, head over here.

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I can’t wait to see that belly!